Freaks is Comin…

The Fabulous Red Diesel’s first album -2008 Crowdfunded(before that was a word!) recorded at the Rooms, and everyone who pre-bought copy appeared on the cover ! This is the front- there are more faces on the back.

We Know its 43

Recorded and mixed in 2012 by Phil Brown , a master who recorded Bob Marley, Dido, Led Zepellin and many more.

YOu’re Luvly You Are ! - Live at Hastings Beach Concert-released 2014

A live recording from the desk at the Hastings Beach concert in 2013. Studio mastered for some extra finesse, but you can still hear U.V Bev , local punk poetess and singer for legendary Hastings punk band, Trenchfoot UK , bellowing ‘‘You’reLuvly you are !’’ hence the title .

Fur Coat No Underwear

The last studio album as a 6 piece-Voodoo Dave on trombone was a legend ! Stand out track, for me, ‘Pick up the phone ‘

Live At The Lamb 2016

A wonderfully energetic glimpse into one of the best venues ofits time in Sussex. Recorded live by Nick Endacott-Gibb, a fabulous selection of the tunes we were playing at the time. Stand out tracks- No Rest for the Wicked, and Perfect Summer Day.

Sparkly Bird

The first album where Miss Bea-Have took to the double bass and brought out the tuba. A major departure from our norm, with acoustic tracks, full band tunes, dark introspective instrumentals and inspirational message. and an accompanying theatre show with aerialist and dance, narration and visuals. Based on a true story, stand out tracks for me are Window Bound and Means Something

The Queensbury House Sessions

The Queensbury House Sessions is a 16 track masterpiece, recorded mixed and mastered by Nick Endacott Gibb, live in a disused office block called Queensbury House. It was recorded in a day, and captures the magic of the fabulous Red Diesel in a live setting, with all the finesse of a digital mastering suite. Stand out tracks, Butterfly Mind, Hiding, and Mama Josie said.


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