Kat Lee-Ryan Singles

Ice Floes

Recorded and mixed by Kat Lee-Ryan, a dreamy reflective piece, you can never know how deep an ice floe is by looking at its tip.

Passionate Wisdom

Written in 1995, a young woman’s determination to follow her dreams despite the doubts and general misgivings from most of her family ( except her Mum, her Mum thought she was aweswome !!!)

Passionate Wisdom- Chang Remix

A wonderful remix by Chang- in the mountains of malaysia, I record it, he remixes it, and voila !!! I always love getting these mixes back .Give it a listen, its awesome.


Inspired by The Night Circus by Erin Morganstein, this is a quirky little piece, recorded and mixed by Kat Lee-Ryan.

Walking Through Lilies

This describes a dream about my unborn daughter, walking through 2 rows of tree-lilies, all the way to the sea. At the time we lived in London and had no plans to move, so it was very spookyily accurate !

2 Sleeps to Go

When your eldest child goes away to college for the first time, and you are left at home counting the sleeps until she comes home.

Skin on Skin

After reading a pregnancy book (while pregant) by Leboyer, about water birth and the sounds a baby hears in the womb as its hearing develop, I was inspired to write this tiny piano and voice sketch.

Piano and voice, very simple and very effective.

Hollow Bones

Inspired by the book Skellig by David Almond. The idea that angels have hollow bones really stuck with me. A beautifully written piano driven piece .

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