Releases- Albums 1996-2007

The Vth Angel- Naked Angel (2000)

Beautiful ethereal afro/folk, dreamy, emotional.

Vultures-Naked Angel

Recorded in 2002, Wil on Djembe, Kat on vocals ,keys and flute, Jim Dawson on guitar and Brian Jenking on bass. An extraordinary combination of powerful djembe beats fused with haunting celtic melody.

Chill on the Hill 2003

A beautiful live album, mixed and mastered by Nick Endacott Gibb. Its the best of two live gigs from that year, one of them being at the North London acoustic club Chill on the Hill, run by Kat and Wil and the rest of Naked Angel. Also featuring an absolutely blinding sax solo from Steve howes (No More Blues)


Live at The Rooms -2007

Kat and Wil played regularly at this time as Katdog, and this rare album is hard to get hold of. It will be available on bandcamp very soon

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