Remixes and collaborations on other labels

This is a collection of music from other labels featuring the vocals and melodies of Kat Lee-Ryan. Worth a browse !

Features -’’Alone’’

by Kat Lee-Ryan

remixed by Chang

Psydub, Ambient, Bass Music

From the Album Chill Out Yoga Top 100 Best Selling Chart Hits

Ice Floes-

remixed by Chang

Beautiful remix of a lovely song.

Slow Plane Kat Lee-Ryan, remixed by Chang

Haunting and chilled

This is part of Sparkly Bird, the stage show, andthis remix is absolutely stunning-nice one Chang.

Timelord-Kat Lee-Ryan,

remixed by Chang

Another awesome remix from a Sparkly Bird show tune. Totally sits the original on it’s head !

Magic Caravan

remixed by Chang

A wonderful remix and the first collaboration between Kat and Chang

Suzanna Raine-

remixed by Chang

Another track from Sparkly Bird, haunting and emotional ,this remix does not disappoint.

If you would like to do a remix of a Kat Lee-Ryan tune please get in touch

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